Alpha 9 & M9 Production Start. Stay Tuned


Hi, I'm Jan from and today I'm here in production next to ... let me see if I can get it on screen, yes here ... so I have here the Alpha 9 and we are busy today to make the dividing line. Let me see how to turn the camera.


So here as you can see ... yeah, the red line is the new dividing line ... So first we made this line, now I stop quickly the camera and take the template.


So we laminated already previous ... on the thick product we laminated this part and now we will look and we make lines and we cut this according to this line, this line and this we will put every time on it when we paint in duo color, so first we paint the bottom side and then we put this one on, we make a line next to the template and we paint the other one, so the Alpha 9 will be painted. I estimate that this Alpha 9 will be painted ... today is ... which day it is, it's Wednesday, I think it will be Friday painted or next week Monday, so by then we need this template.


Yeah this was a short update, I hope next week to give you another short update, stay tuned, bye bye.


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