Alpha 9 Mold (video)


Hi, I'm Jan from and ...


Yeah I'm here at composite and there behind we have the painting, so you see a couple of bikes already painted, here next to me we have the Alpha 9, we are still in the phase of putting some filler on it, repairing some spots and we will build a new mold, I think somewhere next week we will build a new mold or ...


Here you see we are in the stage of finishing some parts, we have some small defects in the shape that we received from Daniel, we will fix this and next week we'll build a mold of Alpha 9. After it we will ship this back to Daniel Fenn and he will build a M9, so that's an Alpha 7 size with closed wheel wells, so yeah I'm looking forward, there's not much to show here inside because there's nothing in, it's a positive mold.


Okay let's say next week is now end of October, so I don't know when we will broadcast this, maybe in November so by then we have the mold ready when you see this video and ... I hope to have one ready for Christmas to be shipped to Daniel's place that he can check it, give again some feedback and we improve things and in the meantime he will be busy with creating the M version of the Alpha 9.

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