Bottom bracket holder adjustment (video)


Hi I'm Jan from and welcome to this Toolbox Talk!


Hi, I'm Jan from and I had a couple of questions last month like, okay about the second hand velomobile ... how should I adjust the length of the pedals ... so I thought let's make a small video about it, how I established it for myself, so come and look to my pedals.


So normally you sit relaxed in your seat, the crankshaft is to the front and then you stretch your leg and then you see like this hey there is like three four centimeters still there, but I will try with my bicycle shoes now, how it fits because there are some cleats below your seats. As you can see on my shoes, I can't say goodbye to my shoes, they served me so well for more than 10 years, but they start to get really worn out, I can imagine that you're loving about me now but yeah ... I can't say goodbye to my beautiful shoes ... as you can see we have the thickness of the cleats, the thickness of the sole, so that influences already with like about one and half centimeter, so for me I guess this adjustment is right, but I will figure it mostly out like I kind of cycle a bit, I'm like oh it feels, a little bit too long, a little bit too short, I move it four or five millimeters and I will show you now also some practical tips how to move it back and forth, your bracket bottom holder.


For example this time I need to adjust the bottom bracket holder a little bit to the back, so what I do is take this little paper tape, I just put it before the bottom brackets holder, I untied this four screws and I move it just like three or four millimeter backwards and I tied it again. If you make little changes like a couple of millimeter forward, couple of millimeter backwards, you don't need to look to the length of the chain, but if you do change a lot then it's very important that you shift to the big chain in the front and to the ... No ... you change to the big chain wheel in the front and do the big chain wheel in the back and then you have to see if there's a little bit space still, that the derailleur has still some tension, if you have a lot of space then you need to shorten the chain, otherwise there's not enough tension on the chain if it's on the smallest chain wheel in the back.


... and subscribe, if you want to see some other content please let it down in the comments and I will see if we can make a little video about it, have fun see you next time.

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