Brake Adjustment | Bülk Velomobile Maintenance


Brake Adjustment | Bülk Velomobile Maintenance

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Hi, I'm Jan from and we shoot here a maintenance video, so have fun.


In today's video I want to show you how to adjust the brakes, so in order they are left and right the same, this could be practical if you change the brake cables or after a while of driving you feel like, hey the bike is... when I break the bike is pulling to the right or to the left. It's also very important that the braking power is equally adjusted because if you would turn through a corner and only the wheel that breaks is in the air then you have no brakes, so it's really good to check this once in a while and it's also very little work to check.


So you start with the brakes on parking brake, that's the start point, then you lift up the left wheel and you push and then you lift up the right and you push and you compare how much the pressure is, you can feel like, for example here right it's going way easier than left, so I will show you now what to do in such a case.


So in my case my right side break had less power than my left side, so I extend this part that brings the brakes closer to each other and then I try again the same thing that I just did. After you checked that the right and left has the same brake power as I showed before, you check one more thing, you release the handbrake or the parking brake, you release the brake handle and you check if the wheel is turning/spinning freely.


So you check if the wheel is running/spinning, you can see when it stops it moves still a little bit backwards, so the bearing is good and the brakes are free. This bearing is still brand new, so you need to run it a little bit to become softer or smoother, but still this is okay. If you would see something like, let me try to simulate, this is... if you would see something like this or this, then it's clearly the breaks are pretty much applied still and you wouldn't able to catch speed.


I hope you enjoyed the videos about the maintenance if you have still some ideas, please let them in the comments, but before you put/post the comments, have a look to the other videos maybe we uploaded your question already, don't forget to subscribe and have fun, see you next time.

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