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Brake Maintenance | Bülk Velomobile Maintenance

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Hi, I'm Jan from and we shoot here a maintenance video, so have fun.


In today's video I want to show you how to do maintenance on your brakes and I put them on my workbench. So below in the description is a link with video how to take out your suspension and put back in the bike, this video is only about maintenance.


It happens that... Here will rust or here will come water in and it will gonna rust and this movement goes really heavy, so this is mostly in the winter when moisture is getting cold and the brakes doesn't come back anymore. So here I wanna to show you a couple of things what you can do. So you can take this one off and that's a little bit heavy because with one hand you need to hold the brake lever down and the other hand with an eleven key. You take out this screw nut. So as you can see there was some glue on it in order there... So what we do then if this washer is rusty, we take this rusty... this washer off any it doesn't want to come off now. That's annoying especially if you film.


If you need to do a really big maintenance, it's better to take off these two push-on washers, in the description I have the dimensions of these push-on washers which we use. Never use this twice because you can see, I kind of damaged it and it was flying around. If you put it back it's really unsafe to do it. So this one doesn't want to come off, we need to help it a bit with a small... I will these ones later back... Now I can pull out the whole brake shoe.


It can happen also that these brake shoes are worn out, this doesn't happened that often, unless you live in the mountains. You can change lets say this brake shoe, but you can also change the complete brake plate, I will also put in description a link, on the website will be a product code for it. So... What I do, I take off the brakes and it's very important that I don't get grease here on because you can see I have a little bit of grease, not that dramatic, so in case this one is rusted and dirty, take a little bit of fine and thin sandpaper, like P400, grind a bit, put some vaseline on it... so, grind, clean, put a bit of vaseline on it so it will go good again. If you see here some rust clean it up but don't grind that much because you don't want to have play, really play on it, because on the moment you have play on it, is not so great anymore, you might have a surprising effect when you break that first you feel like a "dunk". Yeah, you can clean up this one put some vaseline on it and then put it back.


I want to clean my hands now first before touching the brake shoes. So yeah... here are the brake shoes, they come like this back and now comes the more fun part to put the spring on. That's a bit not that easy, so spring is on and the spring goes between the brake plate and the brake shoes and then you have to open it, so I push it on one side here on and then I need to use a bit of power and these kind of things happen. So now that the brake shoes are back, we have greased here, we have grease there, I forgot to put some spray on it, so it's also... I don't have here a spray with this extension, thing... if you have the extension you push a little bit here and a little bit there, but again, make sure that you don't spray over it.


Here you can put again some vaseline on and make sure you don't put it on this here, because you need to put some Loctite there to make sure the nut... I will come later to that... First I will push these push-on washers, so it's just push on and often it's easiest to push them like this on.


There is a little groove here... there is? Yeah there is... and you need to make sure the ring is in the groove/channel because otherwise can still jump off and you don't want that one to happen. It's a bit tight, that's why I push a bit with the hammer, I push them in the groove and then I check if all of them are in and a see that this one is not. Now it is and I push this one on, that one went much easier. Now I will put some Blue Loctite here and put back the screw nuts. So I make some unpaid commercial for Loctite 243, so I put some Loctite there and this is always a bit of a struggle, so I put it on then I tighten again with the key 11. So I hold it with my hands and then I tighten it.


So now we greased everything, it should go like this, then it goes like "poc" back. There is another thing that we can do still for the maintenance of the brakes... If you order the extra tool kit you would get one of these, this is for grinding your brake shoes, so to clean it up and make sure it's flat and this improves the brake capacity of your brakes. So what you do, you push it on, you apply little bit break pressure and turn it around. Don't do this to often because obviously you will not have brake shoes anymore. Yeah that's it about maintaining your brakes.


I hope you enjoyed the videos about maintenance, if you have still some ideas, please let them in the comments, but before you put/post the comments, have a look at the other videos, maybe we uploaded your question already, don't forget to subscribe and have fun, see you next time.

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