Bülk Luggage compartments/space | Options Details

Welcome! On this page you will find details about Bülk Luggage Space Option.

In the above video you can see this bulk has left and right.
One note if you order a Mountain Drive then it is better not to order a right one. The Mountain Drive has a bit a offset to the right. Then the chance that you touch with your right feet the luggage space is bigger.


What can you put in?

Not to heavy things because it is bad for your handling. The weight distribution you want to have as much as possible on the inside of the triangle of where the wheel touch the asphalt.

I have most of the time a rain jacket in there some spare tires and some light tools and some money.

If you go on vacation you could put for example a tent, mattress, sleeping back if you have some light weight camping gear otherwise this will not fit