Bülk MK 1 Stickers


Hi, I'm Jan from and I want to make a very short video today about some developments of the Bülk, I will turn (rotate) my camera ...


So, maybe you have seen on Facebook and on our website that we were busy with designing the stickers, so, this is the first time I glued it on, on the computer this looked perfect, but in reality this curve is a little bit more as the curve of the dividing line, so, we need to adjust this one, that's why I didn't make it from reflective material and on the background you hear the american army nonstop.


So, this is not reflective, so we can take it off and put the final addition, on the end it will be reflective material. Here we put the Bülk Design from Eggert Bülk, because Eggert Bülk and Jens designed this gorgeous velomobile. If you did not see yet on our website the different designs, please go to our website, we also now have the product page of the Bülk ready and a page where we describe how these developments came around, I think around is the correct english word.


Have fun, see you next time!

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