DF/DFXL News | 2023 (video)


Hi, I'm Jan from and in the today's video I want to show you the improvements or the changes on the DFXL and the DF. Yeah and behind this you can see our new solar panels.


So we've made some changes here, here was a cover where all the rear lights were in, this one is removed so it's nice and sleek now and as standard there is now the Kellermann rear lights used here, so this is one change, I will turn the bike around and show you the other change.


So the second part which is changed is here, the air inlet, you can see now the air inlet is like part of the body and previous this was glued on top of it, this changed some aspects of the bike and it also makes the bike a bit stronger, previous we had sometimes situations when the glue came loose/off and of course this is why now we made it out of one part/piece and this makes it stronger and the optic a bit different. I got used with the old version with that we had this edge but now after, I think we have a couple of months already like this, I got used with it and I really like it now.


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