Free Shipping to USA


Have you been thinking about bringing a velomobile into your life or do you know a friend who told you that he wants to buy a velomobile, this special vehicle that can improve your lifestyle? Now is the chance! The ordering and shipping process to the US has never been easier than now. Discover all the details below.

Do you have questions about this offer or you need help with ordering? Ben Parke (Northland Velo) from Minneapolis, Minnesota is your contact point, he will be happy to help you. His email address is ➡️ [email protected]

The Free Velomobile Shipping to US opportunity is available until the places are taken or until February 5th, 2024. Please ask about the open spots before placing an order!

Why take advantage of this special offer?

You get a stress-free shipping process and only need to pick the velomobile up in Minneapolis or organize pickup with HaulBikes.

You get free shipping to Minneapolis, Minnesota, US.

You get an easy import process, you only pay the import duties and we won’t do a markup over this cost.

You get help setting up your new velomobile from experienced velomobile riders, after it arrives.

Once the bikes are dialed in, you have the opportunity for a group ride with a bunch of fellow velomobile enthusiasts. This will be a great opportunity to make new friends with other velomobile riders.

Order process

The models available for this shipment are Bülk, Milan SL, Milan GT, Alpha 7, Alpha A9.2/M9/W9, the DF and DFXL. There are 3 ways to order.

1) To place a fully configurable order, contact Ben at [email protected] (be aware that you need to make a login with a with a shipping address to get the right VAT)

2) If you are not particular about colors or options, you can order a preconfigured Bülk from the store at STORE.VELOMOBILEWORLD.COM. These preconfigured Bülks are available at a 5% discount and will include “Pure Pedal Power”,, and generic QR code stickers.

3) If you already are familiar with the configurator and know the options you want, you can order directly through our store at STORE.VELOMOBILEWORLD.COM

Other details and updates

➡️ The Free Velomobile Shipping to US opportunity is available until the places are taken or until February 5th, 2024. At that point we need to close down this offer just because we need time to build the bikes and get them packed up on the container and ship it over here to meet our deadline.


In December 2023 we announced that because we’ve had such great interest, we’re going to go ahead and move from a 20ft container to a 40ft container, which means we’re going to bring 24 new velomobiles here to the US in April 2024.


And we’re also thinking about sending over some bikes to have on stock, so if you’re somebody who wants to try before you buy and would like to take home the bike you rode, that could be an opportunity that’s coming up in the future too and we will update on that as we finalize plans for that.


Pickup Date

We are targeting a delivery date of late April 2024. The precise location in the Minneapolis area will be determined closer to delivery date.

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