Front brake adjustment


Hi, I'm Jan from, welcome back, we are again in the production, this time I have a nice microphone, so it's much better than previous times, but still you kind of hear some noises from the background. Today I want to explain something about how to adjust your brakes after you drove, let's say a couple of thousand kilometers, the brakes warns out and you need to adjust it or you had very long downhills and you brake a lot and you overheat it, so I want to show you a couple of things like... Here you need to adjust the brakes, but before I will show you a bit... before we gonna do all these brakes I will show you a bit how it works.


Here you see a front suspension and here you see the lever of the brakes, so when you pull the brake you pull this lever down and you can see the brake pads moves outwards and here you see, this is the drum brake, so here this material is pushed on the inside of the drum brake and this creates the friction and the friction creates that you will break, after a couple of thousand kilometers this can worn a bit out, also the cables extend a bit by themself, by the pressure which you put on and off, so that's why two reasons, so it can worn out and the brakes cables are setting.


So now I want to show you how to adjust the brakes. So you need two keys, one of eight and one of ten, so by extending like this, you put more pressure on the brakes and it's always very important after you extend the cable to check if the wheel spins around without having slack (resistance at spinning). So you do both sides and then you check if you did your work properly. Because this is a brand new bike I assume by de-adjusting that the front wheel is having a slack, so I want to show you what I mean. You see it turns (spins) a little but then it has a point where it has a little resistance, here you lose a lot of energy if you adjust your front brakes like this, so now you know you did too much and you put it back again. So, this is how it should spin, you have no point where it's stopping abruptly, so, this is a proper adjusted brake.


Now I want to see if the left and right brakes are same adjusted, so, I put it on the parking brake and I lift up the right wheel and I push it forward and I see, like okay, this blocks and push it on the right wheel and I can push it through the brakes, so, I know the left wheel now brakes more than the right wheel. So, I can do a couple of things, I can make the right wheel brake more, but I'm limited by the fact that it needs to go free when the brakes are off, so, in this case I will turn back a little bit the left wheel and I check it again. It's now almost the same, there's a tiny difference between left and right, okay, I did the left too much now, so I tied it again, yeah, now it's very similar and of course you can test it by having a drive, brake and keep your steering very loose between your fingers and if you feel that it pulls to the right, you know that your right brake is pulling too much and that's how you test it at home, how to adjust your brakes.


I hope you enjoyed it, have fun, see you next time, bye bye.


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