Front Wheel Bearing Change | Bülk Velomobile Maintenance


Front Wheel Bearing Change | Bülk Velomobile Maintenance

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Hi, I'm Jan from and we shoot here a maintenance video, so have fun.


In the today's video I want to show you a very basic method how to change your bearings, when you don't have that much tools at home. You change your bearings only when you're feeling like, okay it's going really rough, then it's time to change your bearings. I will show you now.


So there's a little bushing between the bearings that one you push aside, so I take now just the tools you also have at home or... so I pushed a bit aside and sometimes it's a bit hard to... so now I took the bushing, I pushed it aside and I... it doesn't go always easy and let me see if it came out already, it came quite a bit, especially if the bearing is broke anyway it doesn't matter that much. Nope it's still not out.


So now the bearing is out, here we have the bushing between the bearings, we can turn the wheel and... So now the bearings are out and you can replace them with new bearings. Always check if the seat/place for the new bearing is clean, if there's no dirt in here, because if there will be dirt laying in here and you press in the bearing, the bearing will be a little bit crooked. The bearing is 6001-ZZ. I have it also on the page, on the website, for the technical support, this is a very standard bearing, you can get it almost everywhere. This doesn't happen that often, but I still wanted to show you how to do it, so putting it back is a bit more... you need to take care that you don't damage this part of the bearing because this is a kind of cover for the little balls and if you destroy that one the bearing is not running smooth anymore, so this one, take care a bit more. Uh, of course you can have exact, perfect, um size when you can push it and you can press it of course with a press, we have it at the company, we have a press, but I wanted to show you here how to do it at home because I don't think that somebody has a bearing press at home, so make sure you hammer on this outer ring, so not on this one and also not in the middle one and every time move a little bit and make sure you don't destroy the cover. So if you never did this before it may be good to order a spare bearing in case you did not do it right. So you go around and you give small... I have it here now on the table, on the table is flexing a bit, that's not really ideal, it's better to have it on a more solid surface.


So the sound says for me that it's on the end and then I look on this side and I see there is still space between, so I'm not fully there. Yeah, now the sound really changed and I check and I see that I arrived on the spot. Make sure this bushing is between the bearings, because if you don't push it between and you tighten the screw on, the bearing would not turn anymore.


So I see now that I hammered there a bit too much because it's not straight, so now I gonna do... You can check if the positions of the bearings are perfect by moving like this, if the bushing between the bearings are still moving you have to press this one a little bit more in or that one. Also before you push the wheel in, check with a screwdriver to make sure that this one is aligned with the bearings.


So after you push the bearings in, with this very basic method, you tighten this one, ah I tightened it already and you check then if the bearings are set perfectly, so you give it a little move and you can see it stops pretty quickly, it should turn longer and it should turn a bit back, if it turns longer and it turns a little bit back when it stops, then you know you did a perfect job. With these methods that I showed you it's very difficult to make a perfect job, I will try it again by hammering it a bit around, I will show you, this method is not like, it's difficult to get it right, so better press it with a bearing press or go to your local bicycle workshop to replace it, but yeah, I wanted to show you how you could do it, but it's a very difficult way to get it right.


So after we established that I did not do it properly, I just go... I make a whole circle and hammer it a bit more. If you have a bearing press it's always more ideal, but yeah, I don't have it here at home and I wanted to show it in such a way that you can do it at home, but of course you can go to a bicycle shop, they often have some bearing presses, so they can do it for you.


Still it's not perfect perfect, it's still a little bit... So in case of you have this just try again, if not go to a bicycle shop to replace the bearings. This is the technique, it's a bit of "back to Earth" methods to replace your bearings and results are not always that good, but in case your old bearing is broke and you need one, you can do it in this way, make sure, as I told you, not to destroy the cover, I might have done that, so I can go to the workshop and replace these bearings and to it with the press, but for this video I showed it in this way.


I hope you enjoyed the videos about maintenance, if you have still some ideas, please let them in the comments, but before you put/post the comments, have a look to the other videos maybe we uploaded your question already, don't forget to subscribe and have fun, see you next time.

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