Guest from USA at our factory

This article is about 6-9-22 day.


It was a great day because I (Jan) started to learn that there are nice normal people in America.


It was an extremely pleasant visit and conversation that I had with Greg here in Romania, who came from USA to get his brand new velomobile, a Milan SL MK 7, the one that you can see in the pictures.



I was also surprised that he doesn't look like an American and how they are presented in many situations (he was not fat).


Here on this side of the "big lake" maybe we get a distorted view of how is an American. We have movies that we are watching, we see some special persons such as Presidents, sometimes we laugh. Sometimes we get through the movies and the news a bit the idea that USA is full of bunch of a**holes, who are loud and fat and think only in win-loose ways or deals and how can they screw you over.


But maybe I am just wrong and America is full of nice people and I only had some bad experiences at border control when I was traveling with my wife to Brazil to work as a volunteer in 2007 and we had an layover in the USA. I felt treated as a criminal and I was not even allowed to make any jokes about their behavior.


I want to thank Greg for changing my view about Americans and I would like to see how we can increase our market in the USA, because we get many requests from there. Maybe we'll extend our dealers network in USA or offer direct sales, we don't know yet. But now that I have seen that there are nice people in the USA, we would like to start working more within the USA. Sorry to let you know, but I am not a badass businessman, we do business with people that we like, because we need to wake up in the morning and go to work with energy and we want to interact with people we get energy from and we hope we also give positive energy to the people we work with.


Do you want to be part of this movement to bring the velomobiles to the world, to a much bigger level in the USA?


You can contact me personally at "[email protected]", WhatsApp/Telegram (+4 0758 864 940) or Threema (58VYSHVB).


We’ll keep in touch,


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