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Together with our team we want to deliver the best quality to our customers every day, in order to provide a great cycling experience. Discover what people are saying about their experience with us and with a velomobile. We thank all our customers from all over the world.

It was in 2013, the partners of decided to concentrate all velomobile manufacturing activities in Romania, as The cost savings would allow them to extend their dealer network, necessary for selling more velomobiles. Jan Wijnen and his wife moved to Romania and did a very good job of building up what we know today as Involving Daniël Fenn, expert in composites and lightweight velomobile design, to set up body production, was only a start for them. Jan and his team show a very great drive to professionalize the production. 


When I heard Daniël, when still in Romania, was also asked to develop a new model for, the DF, that would have to combine the efficiency of his racing bikes (Evo-line) with the practicality of the Quest, I was interested but skeptical. At that point I had a heavy 20” Quest for daily use and a lighter carbon 26” Quest for racing and long distances. I was very happy with them. The Quest is designed by Allert Jacobs who is also very talented, but more focused on daily use and who sees efficiency and speed more as a means than as a goal.


In 2014, when I could see and ride the first Romanian product, DF001 I was very impressed by its build quality inside and outside. 5kg lighter than my carbon Quest, faster through corners, less alu parts that tend to break, still practical. Although it didn’t exist yet, I immediately ordered the slightly larger XL version. I received mine in May 2015 from IntercityBike, the company that split off to develop and market the DF models.


My own DFXL011 was even better finished, clearly showing the drive for improving quality. The assembly was also very good. In 5 years, I did 115.000km without real issues, it always brought me where I wanted. IntercityBike always supported me for the things that needed a fix. What impressed me most that it is a very good mix of speed and practicality, that I stopped using two bikes. I cycled to all races in Belgium, the Netherlands, BeND, participated PBP (Paris-Brest-Paris 1200km) and BoB (BordersOfBelgium 1000km) both twice, became 5 times Super-randonneur (200-300-400-600km) and 5 times Belgian Champion in it. But with the same ease, it carries up to 35kg of groceries and commutes daily 2x30km with a laptop.

Meanwhile, is the reference when it comes to building bikes, what they are doing for more companies than and Milans also benefit from their experience. This year they grew from 28 to 40 employees.

Since 2019, they also own their own model, the Alpha 7. It’s a model that contains all knowledge Daniël has in building lightweight bikes suited for daily use. It is again 4kg lighter and easier to maintain thanks to elastomer suspension, tool-free ride height changing possibility and has a better straight-line stability. After test riding it, I applied as a candidate dealer for Belgium.

I just want to write something positive as a customer of; In one year, I drove about 16.000 till 20.000 km with a velomobile made by in Romania, and that’s already over 10 years with a lot of fun and almost no problems.

The velomobiles are getting better and better, lighter and lighter, faster and faster. Therefore I thank the Romanian producers and off course the designer Daniel Fenn and also the distributor Ymte with whom I have also good connections. If there is a problem, what normally is small, the help from all three of them is very fast. I never had a problem that big in the last 8 years that I couldn’t drive on to the destination I want.


The first Velomobile was a Strada, which I drove in two years about 50.000 km and the only problem was the broken suspension on the back. This part made from aluminum was on the post after two days at my place to repair it. Strada was a little bit big for me, that is when Daniel came to and started to work there. At that time he designed the DF, which is like a smaller Strada, with the complete team from The DF velomobile came and I drove it with a lot of fun and speed, over 50.000 km in two years. By driving so many kilometers you’ll always find something to make better. All those experiences I offered to the team to make it even better than already was. The time goes on, people want to do their business to work, not always together, so Ymte started Intercitybike and Daniel is working for himself in southern Germany.


Daniel designed a new model called Alpha 7, which is a bit bigger than DF but a bit smaller than  DF XL. This velomobile is about 21 kg, which is 3 kg lighter than the normal DF, so as you can see, it is still getting better and better. This Velomobile is made in Romania of course, and at a really good quality. Also if the new velomobiles have some problems, they always fix them very fast and the customers are getting help. The Alpha is now also produced with tank steering, which is made from carbon fiber and very light.


At this moment I have an Alpha with tank steering at home and a DF that was specially made for me with special parts and special carbon fiber to make it lighter for me. This one made me happy and I drove 500 km already, with a lot of hill meters in it the last 5 days. The speed between Alpha and my special DF is almost the same, but for me the DF fits very well to my body, so I am very lucky to have this part built for me in Romania.

So I want to thank the whole team in Romania for their work, the good parts and the deliver … thanks a lot guys.



Oui je viens d’Ukraine et évidement je parle ma langue maternelle mais le clavier de mon ordinateur ne me permet pas d’écrire en ukrainien.
Alors si t’arrive à traduire je préfère communiquer en français. Si un jour on va parler au téléphone on pourra parler en ukrainien sans problèmes.


Ce qui concerne mon Milan SL MK 4 que tu connais bien je peut te dire que je suis très très satisfait . Depuis que tu ma fait renforcer le planchet du fond et quant Jurg Birkenstock a modifié la transmission et fait plein d’autres changements je suis très satisfait. Jurg m’a parlé aussi de ton nouveau projet concernant faire sur Milan une carrosserie plus solide . Très bonne idée ! Personnellement quelque grammes de plus sur le poid totale ne me dérange pas. Important pour que je retrouve la même position d’inclinaison du siège et aussi la possibilité d’utiliser un seul plateau de 70 à l’avent et transmission 11 vitesses avec système poigné tournant. Je serai prêt à passer la commande chez Jurg Birkenstock pour un autre Milan mais avec condition d’essayer sur place chez toi (Des que frontières s’ouvrent je pourrai venir pour quelques jours en Roumanie).
Si non attendons le Spezi 2021.


Igor Paliouk

The first time I made contact with the world of velomobiles was in summer 2019. Being a passionate road cyclist I was intrigued by those rare human powered machines and their design, but also pretty skeptical. Especially since my previous experiences with recumbents weren’t that good. As a teenager I bought a recumbent bike expecting it to be much faster than a road bike. Well it wasn’t. At least not the heavy duty recumbent I had picked.

Disappointed I returned to road cycling and stayed there until I stumbled upon velomobiles by mere chance in 2019. It actually was a picture I found on Google looking for something else, that caught my attention.

A few weeks later I sat in a rented DFXL ready to find out what it’s all about. It was mind blowing! This most definitely was faster than a road bike. And what a feeling! I felt almost as happy as when I rode a bicycle without training wheels for the very first time! And I still get some of that feeling when I climb into my Alpha7 ready to hit the road. Like the DFXL my Alpha7 was also produced by Velomobile World in Romania. I opted for the Alpha7 because I like its innovative technical design and also because it feels very stable on the road, even at high speeds. My Alpha7 actually is one of the first that was delivered with tank steering. It is amazing how intuitive and precise it is. I am very happy with my Alpha7. This is exactly the bike I was looking for, for many years, without even knowing it. As a newbie around velomobiles I was a little anxious concerning technical issues and eventual repairs.

Therefore, it is very reassuring to see how well the system of retailer, producer and developer works together. I got very lucky to find a great retailer in my area. Additionally, I think it is great what Velomobile World does for the world of velomobiles.  I am very excited about the future of Velomobile World and of velomobiles in general. Thank you for your work and keep on putting amazing velomobiles on the road!

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