Happy New Year and a Great 2022


Hi, I'm Jan from and I wish you all a great 2022, I hope also that in the spring somewhere we get rid of all the measurements, all the limitations that we have in our life.


Good news, it's winter here, it's real winter, this morning we had -27°C that's why I'm in this office in the factory, normally I'm in my office ... in a small office container but there it didn't became more than +5°C so that was too cold for my fingers to move.


My year didn't started that great, the mid to end of December somewhere I was already very tired and end December begin of January I had a little bit of Covid, also had symptoms, that was like three days, like an exploding head and fever, this kind of things ... but the big problem was that I was tired, but I was already tired before Covid, so probably it has has nothing to do with it ... but we were in the Netherlands, we sold the house, we emptied the house in the Netherlands and we came back in Romania, and because I'm not vaccinated we had to stay 10 days in quarantine which didn't helped me very much to start the production of the M9 and the Alpha 9, but I prepared everything and the first day I was out of quarantine, I directly went to laminate with the ladies and I think we started with an Alpha 9, we laminated now already a M9 so there will come some separate videos about this ... but yeah I think ... because we have the Alpha 9 to bring in production and the M9 in production, that takes very much time for me as person so January, February or March I guess I will make only one video every two weeks, not a video every week because it's taking too much time, all the best and see you next time.


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