Holger Seidel 2023/2024

My plans for 2023/2024

I’m Holger Seidel and I live in the north of Germany. A wonderful area for velomobiles. But let’s look back:


I bring almost forty years of cycling experience to the table. At the beginning as a sprinter in track cycling, later in the mountain bike sector and on cycle tours lasting several months worldwide and now active in the long-distance sector for many years, lying in a velomobile for four years. A brevet series a year is practically mandatory, which is why there are also longer and unusual routes, for example Paris-Brest-Paris 2019, the Hex near Fritz, the highest peaks in the north, 24 hours on the Brelinger Berg and others. The absolute highlight of the year for me is the Hamburg-Berlin time trial over 280 km. Here I realized for the first time that I wanted to improve in the following year and started with a trainer and systematic training. This brought so much progress in a short time that I set my sights on Roland Schell’s record on the route Germany South-North for the year 2022 and was able to beat it by three hours on August 27th/28th, 2022.


There is already another big plan for 2023. We will report about this here regularly.


24 hour record track


In the years 2023/2024 I will attack the world record 24 hour track. The current record has existed since 2010 and was driven by Christian Ascheberg in a Milan SL. At that time, Christian drove 1,219 km. The world record had been tried several times, but so far without success.


30 hours and a little wiser

After I managed to break the record (27-28 August 2022) and improve the World Record, with my Bülk Mk 1, by more than 3 hours (1094 km in 29h:57min), Velomobile World asked me to share my thoughts, before and during crossing Germany from South to North in my velomobile. (see here)

Official record confirmation by World UltraCycling Association (see here)

More details about 2022 Velomobile Record Ride (see here)

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