How to remove the rear wheel (video)


Yeah, in today's video I want to explain how to take out the rear wheel from DF, DF XL, SL GT, Alpha 7 and the Quest, Quest Carbon, they all have similar techniques.


This is a DF and I will just explain it how to take out the rear wheel, how to take the rear cassette and how to build it back and the question is of course why would you do this, well it's important at least once a year to take out the axle and make sure it is not rusted, so put some grease on it make sure it's, in case if we really need to get it out you get it out and it's not fully rusted or your freewheel is not always working proper, we will make another video how to clean your little pins, to make sure the freewheel is working in the near future better or if you want to change your cassette, or you're just curious how does it work.


So you can see that the chain is on the biggest chainring that's not good because it will bring tension, so the first thing, I will shift on the smallest chainring and in the front I will take down the chain from the chainring in order there is no tension at all on the cassette, when I pull out the axle.


Now you can see it's on the smallest one and now I start with taking out the rear axle, at Alpha 7 you receive this tool, you can purchase in our web shop, the code of this tool will be down in the link (if you watch on Youtube) or here. It's a standard 19 key, I have here, you can see it's nothing special, that one you put here on the axle, find here the place, you need to make sure you turn right and not left, to untied it, it's a bit against logic but ... so that's it.


So it's out... now I have to pull ...


Axle is out ...


The first step is ... take the rear wheel out... so you have the rear wheel.


So we have the cassette out ...


Now I can explain how to build everything back. So you did your maintenance, uh you greased again the axle and you find yourself with two bushings, one bigger and one smaller, the bigger one needs to be on the exterior and the shorter one needs to be on the interior, otherwise it will not work.


Before you stick in the axle make sure it's clean, check if this is clean because otherwise you will destroy the bearing this fitting and that will result in having play on your rear axle. So put some thin grease on it, if you do a lot it will not help because it fits so snuck through this hole all the oil, all the grease will be removed. So you can see I did already quite a lot because it's even dripping from it and then I have the cassette with the two bushings. It's very important that you take directly the chain and put it over it otherwise you have to undo your chain. You have to put the cassette in front of the axle and you pull a bit push a bit, so it's always a bit searching for the right spot, try to fit it, don't hammer because you will destroy it, but a little bit with a cloth between your hands and you can give it a bit in a push. So there is another tool, it will be also in the description (see here), we will put it in here in order the bushy between the bearings will be aligned, otherwise you have between the bearings you have a bushy to keep the right distance between the bearings and if that's not aligned you will never get the axle through and you will get very frustrated.


It's a bit in a difficult job here and it helps very much if before you took out the wheel that you cleaned here the inside you cleaned here the inside because otherwise you have very big chance that all this scent comes on your axle, on your bearings and that's of course not a great deal for the lifetime of all these components.


Okay I pushed already the axle on, the wheels on, right now you have this cassette having a distance with the cassette with the distance with the wheel.


So right now I push the pulse inside... So you push the axle here inside, sometimes you need to use a little bit of a small rubber hammer. So put a tiny bit of Loctite 243 or something similar, I bring here the key completely through ...


You take this ... just prove it as well but well with washing take this screw with it well but wash it with a little bit loctite on it. Do some exercise because this is difficult to place there, you make sure that with this part you put it inside on the key and then turn it left to tight it. Okay I found it, so I took again the key 19, I tied it and voila.

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