How we measure the spoke tension (video)


It's Friday morning and I want to thank Sven Kroll very much, that he helps us to become much more professional.

There were some complaints in the German velomobile forum about the spoke tension, that they are not equal and not enough and I answered something back like but and how I should measure it and um yes Sven Kroll responded to us and he helped us to purchase some right tools... so I would like to demonstrate how we measure it and I'm convinced our quality of the wheels and the spoke tension will be much better in the near future.

So we have here a list of newtons and we established to have between a thousand to have a wheel around 1200 newton.

1200 newton is 122 kilograms.

Okay, so we measure and we come to the 2.92

So we know now, okay we do this once in a month to verify our tool is not decalibrated and now we're gonna check also some wheels. We can now measure the spoke tension and we have now a 2.92, the 2.92 that's yeah 1200 newton and here we have a 2.91, so that's a very tiny difference in spoke tension, so we know we have now at least a tool and as I told you already in the intro I really believe that we get a much better quality here in our wheels.

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