Intercitybike DF/DFXL

The DF velomobile is Born in Romania! In 2012 Velomobile World, back then called Velomobiel RO, started it's activity with the same 4 owners, Allert, Ymte, Theo and Jan as was. At the beginning of 2013 Daniel Fenn came to Romania to teach us how to laminate good velomobiles. This was a very challenging period for me (Jan) because beside that I did not speak very good Romanian, I did not understand German. So in the evenings I was studying German, next day I was trying to translate Daniel words from German to Romanian and try to understand how the composite works.


Luckily after a couple of months I started to understand German, Romanian and composite worked better. Plus Daniel found a way to communicate more directly with the lamination ladies. After about 6 months Daniel had less work to teach us how the composite works and he started to design the DF with the help from our team. I can proudly say that I had also some influence on the DF design.


Unfortunately in 2014 there was tension between the owners Allert and Ymte and this resulted that I (Jan) and Ymte left ... I took over Velomobiel RO, renamed/rebranded later to to give more meaning on what we do. Then Ymte started Intercitybike and started to sell the DF. Now in 2022 we still produce the DF for Intercitybike.


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