It’s time for …


Hi, I'm Jan from Velomobile World and you can see behind me, we are making, let me see, that's always difficult to point, yeah, so we're making some video shoots (also photo shoot) of the W9 velomobile, here in Târgu Mureș.


This city it's like 25-30 kilometers away, actually 33 kilometers from Breaza, Mureș (our factory location), here is a really beautiful old citadel, there is an old church, so we really thought this is a nice spot/place to make some nice pictures.


We had a great time, it was a beautiful and sunny weather and we discovered some nice places inside the Medieval Citadel of Târgu Mureș (Transylvania), built in the 17th century. There where some local people (grown ups, but also kids) and tourists, who visited the citadel, that were interested about this "strange" vehicle, W9 velomobile (which is part of the Alpha Series). You can see below some pictures from the photo shoot.


See you next time, bye bye.



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