M9 Sneak Peek (video)

So here we have the M9 and sorry for the quality but the guy who always helped me out with filming has Covid so he couldn't come and as you can see we have a couple of things here to fix still and there is something here, so this is after two days of grinding and filler and there are still a couple of things what we need to fix here, here are some weird things in the lines, but it starts to get shape, I hope next week we're gonna build the mold and you can see here is my son walking in the shadow, ta da, here it is.


So yeah I'm very happy and I'm very curious how this M9 will go/ride. So this is the sneak peek and well, we have still as I said some work to do, especially this area is not so great yet, I've probably put it another time in and the gray filler or primer layer and grind it until it's better, but here this area is already really, as you can see on these lights, it's really good already and yeah, looking forward.


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