New prices and surprises for the Alpha Series

Good news !!!


Orders starting 20 February 2023 for the Alpha Series (Alpha 7.2, M9.1, Alpha 9.2, W9) will have a hood included as standard, that will be standard equipped with a window wiper, made by Daniel Fenn.


We have also managed to get back to the prices before the price inflation madness. We see that we can buy components for normal prices again, a few components are still expensive, but we see a trend that they are going down, the prices are decreasing. This is good news and we want to give this back to our clients, to the velomobile community.


Below you can visit the pages of velomobiles from the Alpha Series, to check the new prices and details! From Monday, 21 February 2023, you can configure your dream Alpha velomobile on our website. Of course you can go also to your local dealer (dealers list).




The Alpha Series (details and prices)


Alpha 7.2 Velomobile

Old price (€11,500.00) >>> See the new price here


M9.1 Velomobile

Old price (€12,500.00) >>> See the new price here


Alpha 9.2 Velomobile

Old price (€12,500.00) >>> See the new price here


W9 Velomobile (NEW)

See details and price here




Have fun, we keep in touch,

Velomobile World Team

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