1) M9

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The M9, which was created from the Alpha 9 Form, has all the features too, is only a little lower and a little shorter, the entry opening, width and floor have remained the same for both (except for the length from the floor) Thanks to this construction, various parts can be built into both velomobiles and no new shapes have to be made for e.g. the hood or the bridge with integrated wheel arches. The first vehicles are expected to arrive at a few dealers at the beginning of next year (2022).


Base Price: €11.800,- including 19% VAT



Length: -
Width: -
Height: -
Weight: -
Alpha M9 undefined 1.05 alpha 7/9 mirror cones undefined undefined 1.02 alpha 7/9 top 1.01 alpha 7/9 bottom 1.03 alpha 7/9 nose cover undefined 1.07 alpha 7/9 derailleur cover

M 9.1 - 11,800.00 EUR

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