Rain cover winners (video)

Hi, I'm Jan from and like five six weeks ago we had a video about rain covers and I said in max two weeks I will announce the five winners and that time passed a little, the time that I promised I would announce the winners, the point was I was busy with the Snoek with introduction in production that took a bit more time as I expected.


So we have the rain cover like this and we made this part as well but I'm not satisfied with it so I will not ship this part, I will only ship this part from the rain cover, I also have been testing it a bit and my advice is to take down the mirror and put it here on your rain cover, because if you have an accident, a frontal accident, this cover can just get away because it's attached only with these elastics, so if you have a frontal accident this one will break, I didn't test it please don't test it for me, this part, to make frontal accident and see if it will break.


Yeah the five winners, let me see if I have them here on my phone, yeah, I hope I say your names correctly, I don't have your addresses so send me an email on [email protected], I will let also the email address in the description ... so Xardas von Lórien, well you can send me on email the address and I will send you a rain cover, Bart Candrix, Thomas Inderka, Samuel Deberles and Peggy, Peggy I already contacted. Yeah, send me your addresses and we will ship to everyone one of these and give us some feedback. If you like this video give me a thumb up, subscribe, if you have more questions let us know and we try to answer them all, see you, bye bye.

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