Really good news about production


Hi, I'm Jan from Velomobile World and in today's video I have really good news and I will show you a little bit the situation.


So, here we have the pre-corona warehouse and it's still there, but this is the corona warehouse, it's pretty big, with quite some parts in it. So, it's pretty big, we have quite some parts in it and the good news is, the good news news news, let me see, so, the good news is ... yeah, Sturmey Archer parts with brake pads, brake hubs, so, I'm very happy with that.


We should have get still in August, so that's like last week, we had to get still parts, unfortunately these ones didn't came, but I hope in September we get still parts or in October, but until October we have plenty, so it's fine ... here you see Swallow tires, on the other side we have Shimano parts, so ... here I have quite some rims and here I have a whole shelf with rims, uh rims, rims, rims ...


So yeah, we have again some parts, we have orders, but yeah I'm very happy with this news that we have, parts again, so I wanted to share it with you, see you next time, bye.


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