Road Trip to Făgăraș with my M9 Velomobile

Hi, Jan here …


I was already playing with the idea to make a road trip some days in Romania. The only thing I had this time, I could not go far from home because we have a big garden with chickens and some dogs which need care. In this period my family was in the Netherlands visiting family, so I decided to make a trip for 2 days. A couple of things I realized in this trip, such as that the quality of asphalt became much much better in the last few years and that the drivers also became much friendlier with the cyclists. People pass me with normal speeds and a proper distance. Romania became a good country where you can make nice road trips.


Last weekend I drove 380 km. In the second day I came from Cârța (Sibiu County) to Breaza (home), but the battery of my GPS was empty.



Have fun!

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