Seat adjustment (video)


Hi, I'm Jan from and welcome to this Toolbox Talk!


Hello, I'm Jan from and I get quite often questions like uh, hey how do I change the seat for my Milan SL or how do I change the seat of another velomobile.


In today's tutorial I will show you how to change the seat on an SL, it's really easy, so come a bit closer.


We have here ... so here we have in the back, that's from the MK7, we have like ... we have three of these ones so you can choose ... so you have three of these spacers, you can put your seat for example without spacer, you are really really low and probably your neck will be really hurting, uh but maybe not, and you can choose to put one spacer, two spacers, or three spacers, we deliver always three spacers, so you can choose how much space you want, which fits good for you and it's with velcro attached so there's no big mechanic adjustments.


As you can see here we have the seats and we let here, leave more carbon fiber, so what you also can do is to drill some extra holes and move this backwards if you have very long legs and a short body the whole seat can go up so you can look properly over the lid, in my case I go always as down as possible and with my seat a bit forward, otherwise I touch with my head here the hood and I have short legs, but it depends on every person, what's their sizes, so there are some adjustments to make it's not difficult at all, you only have to figure out what is the best position for you.


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