Shipping Information for USA and Canada

Welcome! With this short page we want to inform you about shipping to USA and Canada.


Most of the time we ship/deliver to an international airport in your area. We ask you to fill the form below this text, where you can inform us which international airport you prefer to ship your order. It can happen that we cannot ship to your first choice airport, that’s why it would be handy if you inform us also what would be the second best airport for shipping and maybe a third. After we received this information, we start a couple of weeks before we ship your velomobile to request offers based on your desired airport.
We will present you the shipping offer and after approval we will continue to prepare all the shipping documents for you.


Before we ship we will send you the final invoice with the correct HS import code HS8712.00.5000 and we kindly ask you to make the rest of the payment as soon as possible, in order the shipping will not have a delay.


After you accept the offer for shipping, you know also to which airport we will ship. On that moment you can start looking for for a broker.
Here is a website where you can easily find a broker for the USA ➡️

Here is a website where you can easily find a broker for Canada ➡️


When selecting a broker, be sure to read the fine print about what fees they do and what they do not cover.
You will also want to have the broker use CBP code HS8712.00.5000, the code specific to non-eBike velomobiles. This code will get you the lowest import duty fees. Fees include: Entry fee (fee paid for the broker services) $125-160, single entry bond $50-60, courier fee (if you have the broker pay airport terminal fees), customs duty 3.7% of purchase price, merchandise processing fee, and airline terminal fee $60-120.  Your broker will also need power of attorney for the shipment. If picking up from the airport, some fees can be paid directly to the airport at pickup avoiding a handling fee from the broker. We will provide you with an Airbill (essentially the plane ticket for the shipment).

Shipping to America | February 2023

We made a video and an article with the boxes containing the velomobiles for our customers in America, which we shipped by airplane. See the article HERE and the video below.