Something “shitty” almost happened


Hi, I'm Jan from and luckily spring is coming, we had a pretty strong winter this winter, we had temperatures of minus 27 degrees a couple of times, and as you can see I think there, there is still like ... on the side of the river is still like one meter thick ice and snow and like a month ago, this river was fully frozen still. A couple of days ago ... a couple of days ago there was still fresh snow in the mountains, so probably some tour skiing is still possible but, I'm already pretty much in the spring mood, so I think it will be more cycling again, uh yeah, last month I did cycling only between Reghin and Breaza, so not so much, I was also very busy with learning some CNC programming, we bought a Hass ST-20Y, I will put a picture probably now straight over my head ... yeah, so I hope it will be in production or I hope in like one month we will really produce things with it.


Some parts that the machine will make were previous made in Ukraine, so yeah it's pretty "shitty" there, I'm sitting next to the road here, it's on that side of the camera, that's the road between the Ukrainian border and Hungary, uh at the start of the war it was really full of cars from Ukraine, when I was cycling here, I saw I think like four or five cars from Ukraine and previously you would never seen one, so that's also a bit the bridge from why VelomobileWorld was almost in a "shitty" situation.


Last year I've been ... in 2020 and start of 2021 I've been visiting Ukraine a couple of times, I was planning to start a small production plant there as well, to see how it's going, the numbers were good, a lot of skilled people, there was one problem, that was border crossing, border crossing with Ukraine, although there was nobody in front of me because of corona, it took like four hours. So, yeah, that's a nightmare, so that was one of the reasons I didn't wanted to start a business there and the second reason, I was like not fully convinced, I didn't know why, but yeah, it worked out well for us because we have no investment there, but yeah it's still a terrible situation, I don't understand that ... yeah, there is a war so close by, it's like... well... it's still like seven eight hours driving to the border and I understood there is no war close to that part but, to be honest I don't follow the news anymore, so, I don't follow the news that much, so it could be there, the war, direct over the border.


We found it so "shitty" situation for actually our neighbors that we told some organization that we have a guest room available for refugees, nobody came yet, I kinda hope there will come nobody, I hope that the war will end soon and people can go back to their country and build up something, but I don't have extremely big hopes, so yeah, something "shitty" almost happened to but it did not, we will go on, we will put a lot of effort to increase quality, to increase efficiency and build really great velomobiles and I'm really happy that spring came, so I can cycle more again, because if it snows here the roads are really slippery and it's not so fun to cycle on them. See you next time, bye bye.


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