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Hi, it's Jan from Velomobile World and today I'm gonna tell you some information, if you're from America, how you can get a Bülk veomobile very cheap.


So we want to be present at Cycle-Con 2023 and we already rented a booth and took a ticket to United States. So this is the second time I will go to the United States, I hope this time the experience will be nicer, at least now I know much more people in the United States, not that knowing them I will meet a lot of them there, but we will go to the Cycle-Con and we want to bring one or two Bülk velomobiles with us and we prefer to sell them already upfront and we will give you a nice discount on the bike and the shipping will be for free and we would like to send them end of August beginning of September, so it's a bit in a hurry now because I didn't realize that the factory will be closed three weeks in August, so yeah...


You can write me on "[email protected]" and yeah, shipping is for free and about 20% discount, so this is your chance to get a pretty nice price. See you there, bye bye.


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