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Hi, Ben and Jan here from Velomobile World ...


Jan: I attended Cycle-Con this year (2023) and it was a great learning experience. I learned couple of things: the shipping process can be a barrier because of cost and logistics and, dialing in the setup of a new velomobile can be a challenge for new riders. We would like to solve some of the challenges for you.


We (Ben and Jan) came with the idea to have a container shipped to the Minneapolis area. What are the problems we solve with this?


1) You get a stress-free shipping process and only need to pick the velomobile up in Minneapolis or organize pickup with HaulBikes.

2) You get free shipping to Minneapolis.

3) You get an easy import process, you only pay the import duties and we won't do a markup over this cost.

4) You get help setting up your new velomobile from experienced velomobile riders.

5) Once the bikes are dialed in, you have the opportunity for a group ride with a bunch of fellow velomobile enthusiasts. This will be a great opportunity to make new friends with other velomobile riders.


Questions about this project?

Ben Parke is your contact point for this project. His email address is [email protected]


Order process

The models available for this shipment are Bülk, Milan SL, Milan GT, Alpha 7, Alpha A9.2/M9/W9, the DF and DFXL. There are 3 ways to order:


1) To place a fully configurable order, contact Ben at [email protected] (be aware that you need to make a login with a with a shipping address to get the right VAT)

2) If you are not particular about colors or options, you can order a preconfigured Bülk from the store at These preconfigured Bülks are available at a 5% discount and will include "Pure Pedal Power",, and generic QR code stickers.

3) If you already are familiar with the configurator and know the options you want, you can order directly through our store at


Pickup Date

We are targeting a delivery date of late April 2024. The precise location in the Minneapolis area will be determined closer to delivery date.


Space is limited in this order, so we encourage you to place your order early to guarantee delivery as part of this great deal!

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