Start of Bülk Production


Hi, I'm Jan from and we are busy with the production of the Bülk, it's somewhere here, yes ...


So here is, let me see, yeah here it is the test bike for Sven, so this one will be shipped.


So this one will be shipped on Friday, that's tomorrow when this film/video comes out, for us still three days. So this one will go to Sven Kröll, in the north from and already four dealers then would have a Bülk during the summer break, so in the south HoVelo will have my yellow Bülk, Axel Herfurth has a Bülk, Sven (Velomobile Nord) and Henning Tesch (Velomobile Ottersberg) and yeah, we close, we will close this Friday afternoon and we will be closed for three weeks, so there will be not that much videos in the coming three weeks, but afterwards we are back and hopefully again with more energy than now, I have to admit that personally I'm a bit tired but I hope that I also get a bit energy back in the vacation, we will go with the family in the mountains with the backpack, the backpack on the shoulders with some tents and I'm really looking forward because that's for me a lot of fun, my son not always like it but I hope he will get through it.


So, yeah, if you want go to these 4 dealers to get yourself a test drive, otherwise see you back after the vacation, bye bye.


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