Steering adjustment (video)


Hi, I'm Jan from and welcome to this Toolbox Talk!


Hi, I'm Jan from and if you will get a Milan SL or a Milan GT there is a standard cable at your steering which helps to rest the steering on the cable and in this video I want to show you how to adjust it.


So you have to put of course your lid on because not that you can sit like this like uuu this is comfortable and you adjust your cable, so put your lid on, come and sit comfortable think like okay this is a good position then um take ... I think it's called Allen key, so put them like this just for ... so now I did it and I'm like okay ... so tie it a bit to see like yeah that's good then tie it very well and I had, yeah, I have still here, so what you do you cut it, you cut it very short, after this you cut it away and then take a little piece of heat shrink tube, put it on, heat it and yeah that's it actually for how to adjust your steering.


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