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Vehicle comparison: Velomobile vs Road Bike vs Beach Cruiser.





Hi, I'm Jan from and in today's video we are going to see if a velomobile is faster as a normal bike, as a racing bike and you can ask yourself what is a velomobile. A velomobile is a human power vehicle and what makes it so efficient, that's the aerodynamic shell around it and we're going to see today with different speeds, so we are going to do a test with 30 km per hour, a 40 km/ hour and a 50 km per hour and we stop on a certain point with pedaling and we see how much further every bike comes. We can make conclusions and see how efficient every separate vehicle is in comparation with each other, let's do it.


So we found here a pretty good asphalt road, which is pretty similar with the rest of Europe. There we have the start sign and we will come... you see there's a tiny slope, down here it's flat, so we will come down with 30 km per hour, if I cross the start sign I will stop pedaling and we will see how far it will come. There I put a pin, there I put some signs and we will measure the distance and then we can make some conclusions. So let's prepare the bikes, pump up the tires and check everything to see that we have a fair challenge.


So this is a couple of days later, it was extremely hot the day we were filming and you have to imagine we did with the city bike, we did 30 km per hour and stop pedaling, we did it three times. Then we did it with the race bike, then we did it with the velomobile, that we repeated with 40 km and 50 km per hour, although the 50 km per hour I did not managed with the city bike, so that one fell out of the contest and then by 50 km per hour the velomobile went on and on and on rolling and the problem was the road where we filmed was a little bit like this, so the race bike stopped on the hill up and the velomobile just came over this hill and went rolling rolling rolling rolling and the results at 50 we couldn't believe.


So two days later, in the morning, I went out on another road where it was a more equal slope or let's say the road had a little bit of slope but very straight, so I retook the test in both directions a couple of times to get an average and here are the results.


So I start with the city bike... So the city bike or the standard bike by 30 km did 185 meters and the race bike did it much much better, did already 260 meters by 30 and the velomobile did 630 meters, not kilometers. There is a little bit different because the race bike by 3-4 km per hour I had to get off because I will fall, where the velomobile makes still 10 meters, so there is where the velomobile has a bit an unrealistic advantage, but it's about 10 meters. By 40 km per hour the city bike did 270 meters, the race bike did 380 meters and the velomobile 860 meters, so you can see that the velomobile is doing a little bit more than twice as much distance than compared with the race bike. This is very equal at 50 km/hour, so I did with the race bike... I had 490 meters and with the velomobile 1,337 meters, so you can see on the moment the speeds are higher, the distance balance or the ratio between the race bike and the velomobile gets bigger, so you can see that the advantages are more on higher speeds, which is very logical because of the aerodynamic shape.


In the next video about aerodynamic and how many watts we will put in when we are going to cycle, on a road at 30 km per hour and see how much watts we need for a race bike and a velomobile, with 40 km and with 50 km per hour, but that's in the next video, see you next time, bye bye. I hope you liked it, I hope it was useful for you and please subscribe and put ON the notifications. And we have also a newsletter on the website, so subscribe also there, see you next time, bye bye.

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