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If you are looking to buy a velomobile, we have a VELOMOBILE SHOP page on our website, where you can see all the velomobiles that we produce in our factory. After you decided on a model that you like, you can request a quotation based on your needs. You can see all the steps about buying a velomobile, we made a guide HERE.


We don't have yet a Velomobile Shop where you can purchase your parts that needs a velomobile. This is in planning, but because of all the shortages on the global market we are happy if we have parts to produce the velomobiles.


The most parts like tires you can find on web shops, but parts like spokes for the front wheels are already more difficult to get. These parts you can get at your dealer. You can find the dealers at


If you have needs like carbon parts for your velomobile you can contact your dealer. We will deliver ASAP the parts to the dealer and he makes sure you get them.


As we said we hope to serve you better in the near future with a parts shop, but right now it is to complex with the complete disturbed supply chain.


For more info please visit our WEBSITE, or CONTACT US.


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