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Are you from Switzerland and you decided that you want to have a velomobile? Do you see yourself driving in your velomobile through the beautiful valleys of Switzerland or in the lower parts of Switzerland? There is no end on the beauties of Switzerland and you will experience these views more intense in your velomobile.


We have a very experienced dealer in Switzerland, who can help you to set up a test drive. Click here to get in contact with Jürg and Regula Birkenstock.


After you experienced the test drive with a velomobile you can buy one by Jürg and Regula, ask them which order number you received and you can follow the production process on our website at


Have you seen the velomobile models from our website? If not, you can take a look HERE.

We also made a guide with the steps how to buy a velomobile from us. Take a look HERE.



Address: Bildaustrasse 20, Rapperswil 8640, Switzerland

Phone: +41 79 664 22 62

Email: [email protected]


About Birkenstock

Jürg Birkenstock - always interested in lightweight construction and aerodynamics - has been working professionally on his speed bikes with his wife, Regula Birkenstock, since 1996. He gained valuable experience in Peter Sauber's Formula 1 racing team in Hinwil. That's why he still builds high-quality parts for motor sports in addition to partially and fully boarded bikes. Jürg Birkenstock started building recumbents in 1990 and won the first of five world championship titles in 1995 with a fully geared recumbent bike he built. Since 2007 he has also been involved in the production of a foot-launched glider.



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