VelomobilForum – The Place for Velomobile Enthusiasts

Whether you are just starting out or you have experience in the world of velomobiles, Velomobil-Forum is the place to be if you speak German, it's a very good forum to read about what people want to talk about their velomobiles. Members open discussions and give each other tips how to improve their velomobiles, they also share stories about cycling adventures.

The forum can deliver info about maintenance, new models of velomobiles that are produced, you can learn and understand which velomobile is best for you to buy & many more.

Of course you can also participate and start a thread whit your question and from these conversations you can find out valuable information for you.

Only watch out because you can become pretty addicted to the forum and you'll find yourself more talking and reading about your velomobile, forgetting that a velomobile is made for cycling and to enjoy the freedom of riding with your own power in adventures or to do very practical things like going shopping, visiting beautiful places or your friends and family. In this community you can find velomobile enthusiasts near you and together you can discover beautiful landscapes or participate in cycling events.


It's a good thing that you can find guidance when you need it and Velomobil-Forum is one of the places that can help you. Check also the rest of our website to find more about our activity and if you want to go to the German VelomobilForum click here

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