[VIDEO] Rare Interview with Daniel Fenn (Alpha 7/9 Creator)


Josef Janning, in an extremely rare interview with creative genius Daniel Fenn, focuses on his design philosophy and the features of the Alpha 9. Enjoy this great interview from "Laidback Bike Report" YouTube Channel.


Josef: Here with me is Daniel Fenn, highly renowned designer of velomobiles and designer of the most successful velomobiles of the past years and we want to talk a bit about his newest creation or rather his news double creation the Alpha 9 and the M9. Daniel, you are asked why another model, what's your response?


Daniel: Well, my previous designs had open wheel wells and I wanted to build one with enclosed front wheels, because closed wheel wells make for significantly higher stability in the wind, that's the main reason.


Josef: However, at the same time the A9 is much taller wider and higher compared to the Alpha 7, does that have to be that way?


Daniel: I would say that in order to fit the tallest people in, it has to look like it does. For me the goal with the A1 was size, you know I developed the DFXL and what happened was that people were hitting the shell with their knees or feet, they had to change to shorter cranks, so I created the A9 in such a way that it doesn't matter which size cranks you're using, it may sound weird but it can be done ...


View the full video interview below...


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