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We need a little help, please.


Hi, it's Jan from and welcome back, first of all, on our channel and in today's video I want to ask you some help, to build up the community and to help new clients, in order we can set up their bikes better.


Maybe you have seen already that we have a page for measurements (see here), so we ask people their length, the shoulder height, shoulder width, X-seam, weight and with all this data we try to put... this helps us already to say okay, for example, this morning a client asked me "Do I fit in a W9?" and I asked him like, okay could you fill in the form and then I was like, I received the data, I was like, oh no, you don't fit in a W9.


That's the first thing for the measurements which helps us a lot, if you've never seen it, in the description is somewhere here below, but we made now a second page, a page where if you have a Bülk already you report/send to us your length, shoulder height, shoulder width, X-seam, where are your seats positioned and where are your pedals positioned, in order we can help new clients to set up their bikes, so already they fit in, this will help the dealers to save a lot of time, this will help clients which don't have a dealer, so outside Europe... a lot of time saved.


But we don't have that much data, we for example, I put myself in a Bülk and I measured everything and I reported in this and we took all our employees at least which are in the range that clients are, we put it in this table, but we would like to have some more information in order we can put this data better in the bikes, we put this data better in a table, in order we can put the... we can give this to the employees who assemble it, so we can deliver Bülk velomobiles already almost 90% preset for the clients.


We do it now for the Bülk, we want to have this also for the the Alpha Series, the Milan SL and the GT Series and maybe we will make it all the way for all the models we produce, but that's not sure yet. So it will be really kind from you if you would help us and the link for that page is also in the description, have fun, see you next time.

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