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Good morning, at least it's for me good morning and I just was... there's my office and I don't show that... there's a bit of a mess there, so I don't show that. Like 50 meters that way and I will show you what I passed by.


I don't know what is happening this year, but this year we have hundreds and thousands of these dirty boys and I don't like it that they are running up my garage door and here is my office container, they are even in my container. That I definitely don't like, they let like this slimy/sticky stuff behind, but that's not the subject of the video, I will show you.


So here we have the cantina (canteen) or the place where we sit and eat something and I forgot what I wanted to say about... ah yeah, some nice pictures, some party pictures we have there, it's quarter to six, so I could still come in the workshop and have some video made. So we have there a Quatrevelo building up, here an M9, Bülk, we have here a GT, Snoek, another Bülk. This looks like an ambassador Bülk, so we put all the stickers on it and here we have some instructions.


So, one or two videos ago I asked you guys to get some data, luckily we got some data from people, real time later and with this data we put here in this sheet, without putting your name there and that will help us to set the seat, set the pedals on the correct size, put the right shoulder polsters. This we will do first with the Bülk. The reason is that with a couple of clients we had quite a challenge to set up the bike and we made some mistakes, we sent... well, they requested a certain length of cranks but that didn't fit with their shoes and that model, so now we try to learn from these mistakes and also for example, I sent a Bülk to my father, that was already December somewhere and he was very excited about it, but it took him, even with help, a pretty long time to set it perfect up and now he calls me pretty often with like, oh it drives so great, it's so fine, but first it took him a week, I think, of course not full time working on it, like it was in the Christmas period, so go to the Christmas parties, meet with friends, work a half hour on your the Bülk, then the next day, but it was a struggle I saw and and we want to take this struggle out of people's hands and yeah, we want to learn from our mistakes.


See you next time, bye bye.

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