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Good morning, it's Jan from as you can see here we are busy or actually not we a team here behind who doesn't want to be on the camera, it's busy for us building a workshop. It's like from, let me see, there there until there it's like 14 meters and like this or this it's 25 meters, so pretty big. So as you can see we have still some work to do, um, the foundation is made, structure is made, these roof panels need to be closed of course, uh, this need to be compacted still concrete full and yeah, there will come on the rear end will come painting, then there comes a part of... here comes the warehouse for a part of assembly, assembly is here behind here comes bikes ready section and here comes the warehouse for stuff that they don't need non-stop, so here comes a small warehouse where like screws and like maybe three four boxes with hubs and then here comes a big structure with two shelves or two storage with... how it's called, warehouse with big boxes and here is a tiny office behind, that office will be extended until here, so here we'll come the trucks for goods or the raw material, here's the big door.


So as you can see there are some things to do still, the main purpose of this building is that we can work again in one shift, um, so it's really nice that we can work all in one team and also my work days are not anymore from 6 in the morning until 10 in the evening when the team works. They know they don't call me after nine anymore, uh, but still it happens, I live like 50 meters that way, so I hear also the evening... so in the evening I'm all the time like okay everything goes right, sometimes I go in to check, so I hope that one will be solved with this, but we will have quite some work here to do.


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