Wise Payment

You can choose to use platform to send us the payment (bank transfer) for your velomobile that you ordered on our Store, a very good option that we recommend, because we have good experiences with them and they are very transparent with everything, including fees. On this page you will find out how to do it.


*This guide is mainly for people living in the US or outside Europe.

➡️ 1) Start by setting up an account with WISE (click here), follow their instructions/steps, then enter your bank information.

wise payment home
wise payment register

➡️ 2) Once your account is set up, click the green “Send Money” button.

send money

➡️ 3) Next do the following…

• Chose the option to send international.

• Under “You Send” be sure USD is selected.

• Under “Recipient Gets Exactly” be sure EUR is selected.

• In the “Recipient Gets Exactly” field, enter the EUR price as shown on your invoice and Wise will calculate in real time the USD amount you will pay along with transaction fees.

• Click the green “Continue” button.


*The below picture is just an example, fees will be calculated in real time when you enter the amount of your order.

international payment wise

➡️ 4) In the next screen choose “New Recipient”. It will then ask who your recipient is. Choose business or charity option.


In the account details screen enter the following:


Email: [email protected]
Name of business: Wijnen SRL
IBAN: Enter the IBAN number as provided on your invoice
Recipient address
Country: Romania
City: Breaza
Recipient address: Strada Principala 260/C
Post Code: 547135

recipient details wise

You will then review the details of your transfer. Be sure everything has been entered correctly, and then in the Reference box, add your invoice number. Accept terms and privacy, then click the confirm and continue button. Follow any further prompts. Your transfer should now be complete.


*If you are not sure you can also send 1 dollar and ask us for confirmation. In max 1 day it should arrive in our account.

*If you have questions send us an email at “[email protected]“.