Yes !!! It goes to assembly


Good morning it's still winter wonderland here in Romania, but I think it will be kind of the end of the winter, yesterday we had like four degrees plus and it rained last night so that's not great, but we have other great news.


So last time I showed you the Alpha 9 that we made, I told back then I called it the schablone, I got some comments that it's called template, so we used the template, we have an orange top and white bottom and we have a little thing here, here to tweak because here we put our spray spit or spray support for it, so we can turn around the bike.


So it's still early in the morning at six o'clock people are still coming in, so here we have it, today we start with assembly and that's gonna take a couple of days. So that will take a couple of days probably we will meet some things which we didn't foresee, so I think ... have a little bit patience still, I hope in March we will have at a couple of dealers already a test bike but yeah we need to take our time I don't want to rush it, of course I want to make you happy and have already quickly Alpha 9s and M9s at the dealership and you can go there, but I don't want to rush it, so ... it takes a while, but we try to do our best, see you next time bye bye.


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