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Did you discovered our project that we started on YouTube? This project is part of our plan and wish to offer you a great cycling experience, every day. We will add more and more video content on our channel, so you can know better the velomobile and to create a much deeper connection with this special vehicle. If you want to be always up to date with the news from our channel, we invite you to subscribe by accessing the button below, we would be happy to have you among us, in our velomobile enthusiasts community.

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These videos are very informative, especially for me. I’m waiting to receive my Quattrovelo. So, it’s basically like going to school and learning how to make sure to take the best care of my “vehicle”. So, that I can start off on the correct path when something does go wrong. In regards to being on the road, and needing to fix something during travel.

– VeloZach –

Excellent stuff! It’s very important to have good instructions like this available online made by the manufacturer themself, so people don’t have to trust some random dude on YouTube trying to figure out himself what to do 😅

– Saukki –

Thanks for the video! It was perfekt for my first spoke replacement a few days ago 👍

– NLue –

Hi Jan and VelomobileWorld team! Thanks for these video! Have a good continuation. Forza! 😉👍👌

– Rno R –

This is outstanding, extremely useful stuff – thank you for sharing!

– KarlOnSea –

Nice that you have started making these short form service instructions. Please continue the good work! 👍😊

– kom1en –

Topics for our videos

If you have suggestions for our videos, maybe you need a solution for a specific problem that you have with your velomobile, or you simply want to gather as much information as possible to better know your special vehicle, please send us the questions to the email below or you can let a comment behind on the videos from our channel.


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