Your Velomobile Journey

Your velomobile journey starts here! Or it already started? We want to make it extra clear for you, whether you are at the beginning of the journey or you have already discovered the velomobiles. On this page you will find useful information that you need depending on the stage in which you are in this journey. We hope that this will be useful for you. If you have questions, please ask us, we love discussions about velomobiles!

1) This is the first time I see a velomobile, but I’m interested to know more about this vehicle.

● What is a velomobile?
● Why a velomobile?
● How can I use a use a velomobile?
● Advantages of a velomobile
● Can I use a velomobile on the road?
● How many wheels does a velomobile have?


2 velomobile journey

2) I read about velomobiles, but still I feel that they are not right for me.

● Why is a velomobile expensive, or not?
● Why is a velomobile so fast?
● Is it safe to drive a velomobile?
● Can I bring luggage on a velomobile?
● Has a velomobile electric support?
● Riding in the cold and rain.
● Can I have a velomobile test ride?

3 velomobile journey

3) I’m ready to order my velomobile, I have all the details that I need.

● Model selection: which velomobile model is right for me?
● Do I fit in my dream velomobile? We need some measurements from you.
● Are you from European Union? Details how to order.
● Are you from USA or Rest of the World? Details how to order.
● Discover the dealers from European Union, USA and Rest of the World.
● Sales person for USA.

4 velomobile journey

4) My velomobile arrived. Is there a beginner’s guide to riding a velomobile?

● What do I do the first time after taking the velomobile out of the box?
● What I can do to ride safely?
● What tools do I need?
● How can I fix mechanicals at home or on the road?
● If I need help can you help me?
● How can I do the maintenance?


5 velomobile journey

5) I have owned a velomobile for some time and I have a strong connection with it.

● Do you provide technical support for my velomobile model?
● I want to make long rides and trips. How can I prepare for this?
● I want to participate in sport competition or record rides. How can I prepare for this?
● I want to make some customizations to my velomobile. Can I do this?
● Where can I get spare parts?

6 velomobile journey

6) I want to help others to discover this great alternative of transportation. What can I do?

● You can become a velomobile dealer.
● You can become a velomobile ambassador.
● I want to see details about ambassador program & how to apply.
● What are the requests to become a dealer?
● Do you have a list/map with current dealers/ambassadors?
● How can I connect with the velomobile community?