1) You are on the Orders page

2) Below, on top of the table you can see a filter section/bar where you can add the model you are searching for

3) After adding the desired model, you will see the last one which is ordered and the expected delivery time

4) Add to it 1-2 weeks and you get the approximate delivery date

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1) VISIT the page with velomobiles from our website and discover the models: (click here to visit)



For which purpose do you want to use the velomobile, what are your needs and how is your lifestyle? Which one it’s right for you? To give you a little help in your decision, we made a comparison table to see which is the best option for you. Most of our customers have given more attention to speed. Speed means you can drive longer distances with the same energy or it takes you less energy to drive the same distance. Take a look at the table bellow, then we can also assist you with all the info that you need.



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Use the configurator, found on every model’s page, to choose the desired characteristics or extra options for your velomobile. Remember that sending the configurations to us it’s not the actual order, we use it to create and send you a quotation based on your options. After you receive the answer from us, we can discuss further info before we continue to the next step on the road for your velomobile.



The next step is to get you in touch with your local dealer. You can send an email to your local dealer with the quotation or you can print it and he can help you from this point.
We have a list of salespoints/local dealers locations, in different countries, so finding the best solution for you is a matter of time. Here you can see a velomobile in front of your eyes and have a drive test to feel the experience with this special vehicle. After establishing all the details, we will start building your velomobile according to your requirements. VIEW DEALERS PAGE HERE >



After you place your order you will keep in touch with your local dealer, he will inform you about the arriving date of your velomobile and other details.

1) On the top of our website you can see the menu, where is located the link that will take you to the dealers page, or simply click here

2) When you get to the page, you can find a dealer in your area

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