“together for perfection”

Velomobile World

Our company slogan is “together for perfection”. This slogan perfectly describes what we stand for. Together with our team we want to deliver the best quality to our customers every day, in order to provide a great cycling experience. was born out of passion. The founder, Jan Wijnen, has been passionate about velomobiles and bicycles since he was 14 years old. His first velomobile was an aluminum Alleweder, after which he bought a Quest from

From 2003 to 2006, Jan Wijnen worked as a volunteer in Romania. Because of this, he came into contact with the opportunities that Romania has to offer. In 2012 he combined his two passions in Breaza in beautiful Romania: velomobiles and entrepreneurship. At the end of 2018 an opportunity arose to distribute the Alpha 7 velomobile, designed by Daniel Fenn. From spring 2020 we have signed a contract with Raderwerk that we can also distribute the Milan SL and GT through the existing dealer network

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