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Velomobile World

Velomobile World is the go-to website if you want more information about the Alpha 7 velomobile. The Alpha 7 is the latest design by Daniel Fenn. This is not the first velomobile by his hand, he already designed  the very successful DF and DFXL. The Alpha 7 is once again a step forward, it weighs between 21-22 kg and is very sturdy. The production will be done by the well-known velomobile builder and will be available for purchase in June/July of 2019.  Sales will take place through dealers, you can find these dealers on the dealers page or by clicking this link: These dealers can assist you if you are in need of more personalized advice or if you are looking to make a test drive.

The configurator

We have build an Alpha 7 velomobile configurator for you, this can help you when it comes to picking out colors and going over the available options. After you are done creating your own custom Alpha 7 you can send this configuration to yourself or to a dealer of your choice. With this configuration you can visit the nearest dealer and they can help you finalize your order. You can find the configurator below the details of the Alpha 7 on the Alpha 7 page or by clicking the following link:

The production of the Alpha 7 is handled by the enthusiastic team of They have years of experience building various types of velomobiles. The “history” goes back to 1995 when Jan Wijnen first encountered velomobiles. Having worked part time for many years at he switched to full time in 2008. In the early spring of 2012 he started working together with a team of construction workers in order to get a piece of land in the city of Regin located in Transylvania, a region in Romania, ready for the construction of the factory. By the end of 2012 they started with a small-scale production. They currently work with a team of 30 skilled people who continue to improve the quality every single day.

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