2.01 Bülk Light options + 2.011 Bülk Headlight | Options Details

Welcome! On this page you will find details about Bülk Light & Headlight Options.

Option “No Electra”
A velomobile without a light installation is a bad idea. The simple reason is that we recommend people to drive even on day time with lights on. To make sure that you will be seen. This option is intend to be for those who want o make a special light installation with many extra bottoms and options. To offer the velomobile without a Electra is to give these people with advanced electronic scales the opportunity to wire their own velomobile.



1) Front side

2) Left rear side

Option “Kellerman blinker+horn Electra 12V+charger”
This option is the most chosen option. You have a option out of two head light the Iq x and SL X lupine you have this sleek kellerman rearlight, brake light blinker in one. On the front side you have the small LED.
On the inside you have this dashboard and battery holder below



1) Kellerman

2) Front blinker

3) Dashboard

4) Battery holder+battery

5) Horn


Option: “Light module on top, blinkers, horn 12V+charger
This is a great option to be seen, You have the kellerman rear light, brake light with blinker, you can see that the body of the velomobile gives reflection. The head light is as high as possible what generate a great way to be seen. Only this does not have my personal preference driving in the night. The headlight give also much light reflection on the velomobile special because I drive without hood. I get see sick driving with a hood. If you drive with the hood you have much less light reflection an this option is much better. Show with hood. I have also some pictures added to understand this better



1) Side picture with light on with combi lid

2) Side picture with light on with hood

3) Detail picture of light module

4) Kellerman

5) Front blinker

6) Dashboard

7) Battery holder+battery

8) Horn


Option: “Head light+light module on top, blinker, horn 12v+ charger
This is a option which is my personal preference. You get the lightmodule with 3 strong blinking rear lights on and a IQX front light. This you can use to be seen and then you can choose still for driving in the night if you don’t drive with a hood to use the front light.
Be aware this option is using some more electric energy as the other option so you need to take this in consideration with maybe having a second battery with you.
Let’s show the rest. The kellerman rear lights, brake light, blinker, front blinkers, horn and the headlight which you choose



1) Light module whit the 3 rear lights

2) Head light in the lightmodule

3) Side picture with light on with combi lid

4) Side picture with light on with hood

5) Kellerman

6) Front blinker

7) Dashboard

8) Battery holder+battery

9) Horn


Head light Option 2.011
We have two option head light the Iqx and the Lupine SL X.
If you need a lot of light and you go for the SLx it is great if you drive though the night and you come on some roads where nobody is. Becaus if you use this light on high beam people will get realy mad because you blind them extremely. You can only use this light when there is no traffic and also this high beam is consuming a lot of energy. In my opinion you can use the high beam only for signaling people to switch of there high beam.


The Iqx is a much cost friendlier option and is more then enought light. Also here you have a high beam low beam but it is not so extreme as the Lupine which also means this light use a lot less ennergy. In the article I put some technical data for those who want to see this material

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