About us


Jan came into contact with velomobiles in 1997 when he cycled to school one morning and saw three velomobiles pass by. The second time he saw them, he followed them and found out that they were produced by Flevobike. His interest was immediately piqued, visiting Flevobike every day after school became the new standard. After some time he started working at Flevobike on Saturday. After working Saturdays and holidays for two years, he was finally able to build his first velomobile. After studying mechanical engineering, he left for Romania in 2003, where he worked on different social projects until 2006. He also met his Dutch wife there, who worked in social projects as well, and together they went to Brazil to work on a project designed to help people set up a business. It was there that the idea was born to stop working as volunteers and start a business.


Start of construction

The start of the construction of production facility Romania.

After 3 years of preparation we started the construction of the production facility in Romania in the early spring of 2012. The first velomobiles left the workshop 9 months later. This was a crazy time for us. We were finishing the construction and at the same time we were starting the production of velomobiles.

“Together for perfection”

Our slogan is “together for perfection”. In 2017, when we existed 5 years, we realized that we were focusing on perfection but never made it an official part of our company culture. After this realization, we turned it into our slogan.

Together with our team we strive to deliver the best quality velomobiles every day in order to provide you with a great cycling experience every time you drive your velomobile. If you have any suggestions that could help us improve, please let us know.


In the spring of 2020, we started to rebrand the company. We are going from velomobile ro to velomobile world. We started as a daughter company of and we became an independent company in January 2015.

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