Alpha 9.2 arrives at Sven’s place

Hello, we have great news!


We delivered the first Alpha 9.2 at Velomobile Nord in Germany. Sven was so kind to make some great pictures of the Alpha 9.2 compared to the M9. You have to look a couple of times to see the difference. That's great, because Daniel designed the Alpha 9.2 for taller persons (up to ~2.10m) and made it possible without looking enormous compared to other velomobiles.


*Click on the images to view them at full size



You can make a appointment for a test ride at Velomobile Nord (Sven Kroll), also Axel Herfurth (Velomobile SH) will have soon an Alpha 9.2 and Hanno Habighorst (Pedalwirbel Witten).


You can find more details about Alpha 9.2 below or on its dedicated page, HERE.


Have fun, we keep in touch,



About Alpha 9.2


Almost exactly one year after the release of the Alpha 9 it has been revised and provides enough space for even the tallest riders up to about 2.10 m* for comfortable and efficient riding.


At 2.66 m long, it is 6 cm longer than its predecessor, while the width of 80 cm has remained.


A total weight of only 24 kg, a rigid body with efficient drivetrain, a comfortable, large manhole with a nicely rounded rim and an exceptionally generous amount of space in both cockpit and in front of the wheel arches are the core characteristics.


Together with a low center of gravity, wide track, tight cornering and superior riding stability even in crosswinds it is the ideal vehicle for everyday riding, commuting, sports and touring.


For the first time in its class it allows tall people to ride crank lengths of up to 170 mm* without compromises and still have vast cockpit space even with broad shoulders.


Details like the predesigned and recommended tank steering (tiller possible), a GPS-friendly and crash-optimized cockpit area made of glass fiber, high headlight position, maintenance openings for the front, cassette and front wheels, optional storage compartments in front of the wheel arches, foam collar, racing hood with motorbike visor and wiper equipped as standard round off the package.


The A9.2 is the vehicle for the people who previously didn't fit in any velomobile, felt cramped or had to compromise too much. Make an appointment for a test ride at a listed dealer now!


*depending on individual proportions and shoe size

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