Alpha Series Improvement (ASAP)


Hi, Alpha drivers (Alpha 7, Alpha 9.2, M9, W9),

We have an improvement that needs to be implemented to your velomobile.


➡️ Situation 1

You have an Alpha series velomobile with stainless steel or black Anodized Aluminum plates.

What to do: Replace them ASAP with blue Anodized Aluminum footplates.


➡️ Situation 2

You have an Alpha series velomobile with blue Anodized footplates.

What to do: The front screw with number one needs to be replaced with M6x25 and 2 normal washers needs to be placed between.

Check if your footplate is still straight if not replace the footplate with a new blue footplate.


We want to help you avoid dangerous situation that may occur.


What are the symptoms? A groove/ditch appears on the footplate and this can cause the footplate to break. This happened for some people who drive with their velomobile on bad roads, who are heavier on average. This can result in dangerous situations, so have a look, keep an eye on this part and when you are in doubt change it.


Contact email: [email protected]


⬆️ Exploded view: Alpha Front Direction + Susp. Drawing v2




⬇️ Text from video


Hi, it's Jan from Velomobile World and today I'm standing here beside an M9 and I want to discuss with you some improvements that need to be done also on the existing velomobiles or existing Alpha Series (Alpha 7, Alpha 9.2, M9, W9).


So now we have here the blue plate which is really stronger than the black one and the stainless steel, so if you have still a black one or a stainless steel please write us ([email protected]), the email address is in the description or you can go to your dealer. And what also we've noticed if somebody is heavy or remove here some foam rings and the travel is really aggressive down, this here can touch the foot plate and this brings tension and it can bend the foot plate, so what we do is put two washers between there to give a distance for there and then this screw needs to be exchanged with a M6 or 25. And it's also important to verify once in a while to see if this is still straight so you can do that in the following methods. You just keep a linear (ruler) there and if you can see that it's not straight anymore you better replace these parts because, it's yeah, if it breaks here you lose pretty much the control of the bike, so you better verify this once in a while and change these ones. So there is also some extra news with a link in the description with... I don't mean extra news, more details with maybe better explanation than my mumbling English (extra explanations in the start of this article). See you next time, bye bye.

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